Throughout the process of buying our first home Jill was way more than a realtor – she was a financial advisor, couples therapist, and non-annoying family member. She helped us see income potential in homes we hadn’t thought of and pitfalls in homes we might otherwise have overbid on. She was organized, tireless, and incredibly compassionate. She suggested and facilitated an additional inspection that no one else thought was necessary which ultimately saved us tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve spoken to several friends who also just bought their first home and our experience seems to be the smoothest. It’s clear other agents don’t go to nearly the lengths Jill did to make sure we are happy, financially protected, and in the home of our dreams – under budget. I can’t recommend her enough.
– Erin L.

Jill did a great job handling the sale of my house. Her energy, creativity, dedication and good humor made what could have been a disaster work out with incredible harmony. She worked through all the obstacles, both big and small, with incredible professionalism. I look forward to having her help me find my next home.
– Syd V.

Our sale was an extremely difficult one from beginning to end. The buyer had unrealistic expectations and was difficult in every way. There were numerous negotiations before closing and Jill was excellent in staying focused on the deal and keeping both parties communicating instead of walking. Jill is bright, skilled, and works her tail off. Jan and I both highly recommend her.
– Duke O.

Jill took on a complex challenge – multiple buyers on opposite coasts, a village of “mothers,” with their own opinions and real considerations, a volatile market, and a first-time homebuyer with very high expectations – and roped it into control. She was flexible, energetic and always available. Her thorough response and follow through kept the search on track, even when everyone was out of town. Best part – we found the dream house at a great price. Thanks to Jill for her knowledgeable support and enthusiasm.
– Diane D.

Jill was amazing. She listened to exactly what it was we needed and made it happen. She respected our budget while still showing us places that might be worth stretching for. She fought for us when it came time to negotiate and was impeccable with the paperwork and details when we were closing the deal. We completely trusted her and loved working with her. She also has a great sense of humor which is essential during this process.
– Louise B.